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Alliant Acquires High Street Valuations


High Street Valuations is pleased to announce its acquisition by Alliant Insurance Services, a national leader in specialty insurance with a long and distinguished history in the consulting, finance, and commercial real estate industries. 

This alliance will provide a range of powerful advantages for our clients and partners, including access to new resources and ideas that will only enhance our best-in-class commercial real estate insurance advisory capabilities. 


High Street Valuations commitment always has been to consistently deliver excellence by understanding our client's business objectives and deploying accurate insurable values solutions. Alliant not only shares these ideals but offers a powerful platform on which to reach great heights in the years ahead. We look forward to making this journey with you.


When an accurate commercial real estate insurable value is critical,

High Street Valuations is your trusted partner.


High Street Valuations specializes in providing insurable values for banks, capital market lenders, owners, and property management companies to ensure assets are properly valued for insurance purposes. Our proven skills empowered by our proprietary data and complex algorithms provide clients an innovative process that ensures accuracy - while minimizing both risk exposure and insurance overspend.


Accurate valuation drives confidence. Reliable data replaces flawed figures. Our pursuit of accuracy minimizes your exposure. 

From single properties to large portfolios, we strive to deliver insurable value estimates our clients can rely on.

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