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Our Services

Whether single properties or large portfolios, High Street Valuations provides reliable, real-world insurable values for commercial real estate properties.


Our market-proven professionals exercise the experience of thousands of commercial real estate loans and construction projects and deploy a nationally recognized database, customized algorithms, and proprietary platform to ascertain each property’s unique, practical and reliable insurable value.


Insurable Value

Estimate Report

Insurable value estimate reports on all commercial property types. 

Insurable Value 

Review Plan

Reviews on an annual or any other frequency

Replacement Cost    |  Actual Cash Value    |    Foundation Costs   |   
Multiple Structures & Building Designations for Reg. H Flood Compliance / NFIP  
Asset Types Include:
Single Property & Portfolios   |    Hotel & Resorts   |    Retail, Office & Industrial Buildings   |   
Condominiums: Core & Shell and Improvements & Betterments


As your trusted partner, our process has been custom-designed and time-tested in a collaborative model to assist clients through a comprehensive method to accurately calculate the insurable value of their property(s) and ascertain the costs to replace the building(s), its additions and mechanicals in like kind and quality or with functional equivalency without regard to wear, tear or deterioration.
Each client works directly with a High Street specialist to ensure accuracy in the insurable value report and minimize their exposure.
Our Insurable Value Process

Clients who need to maintain updated insurable value reports trust High Street Valuations for annual reviews or those at any preferred frequency, depending on the applicable requirements associated with your property.


Data from the initial assessment is maintained and used for re-evaluation of the insurable value of your property. Over time, reviews are updated to ensure the calculation remains up-to-date with a changing market.

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